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Song for Elisabeth

This song is by Dear Criminals and appears on the EP Strip (2015).

Got a bad feeling,
I'm trapped, I've got no air
Paralyzed, I'm bleeding
Floating over your head

Ground is torn open
Swallowing my flesh
No color in your eyes
We never should've died

If we live a little death will
Our hearts beat again
Burying our sins with
Our skins graced in sweat

Guilty for I'm kissing
Fancying our mess
Lover in my bed
Our roses will be red
Our roses will be red
Our roses will be red
Sour colors in our chest

Ghosts in closets of your bad dreams,
They treat like I am one of them
I'm a black river flowing in the bed
Of your erotic night
I'm drifting and looming
Wishing we were never dead
Praising our lost star for it rise,
To lift you in my hands
I am piercing your skin, to let me in

Battling our sexes
Our ghosts are playing kill
Matching through the bruises
That brought us to this end

The devil on your fingers
Our moans of regret
No color in your eyes
You never should've lied

Funeral of our desire
Blessed our love tonight
We silently admired
And carried on our fight

Reaching for the daylight
Abandoning our life
We never should've bothered
Our coffin is a liar
Our coffin is a liar
Our coffin is a liar
Bitter prison in our chest

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