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This song is by Dear Criminals and appears on the EP Strip (2015).

I don't know why
I cannot stand
And I cannot stay with you here by myself

And what is this for
I try and bond
I still feel as if I'm here but I'm gone

Rock me slowly
Spend me quick
Tonight I feel I want to die on your hips

Push me now
Turn me on
I'm still weak...

You say you love me so
But your body's telling me to go
And your touch is carrying me so low
Your heart is dying out I know

But make it slow
I'm not ready just to watch you go
I still need you in my nights so don't
Close your eyes on me before dawn

I don't know how
What can I do?
What's this game for
To win or loose?

My legs won't hold up
And I cannot stand,
Porcelain bonds
Still in your hands

Drop me slowly
Don't move too quick
Tonight I feel I want to die on your lips

Push me now
Don't turn me on
I'm still weak...