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This song is by Dear Criminals and appears on the EP Crave (2014).

The day will come
When you will go away
I won't be a child anymore
'Cause you will have gone away

I wish I didn't have to find the answers on my own
Like the shapes and colors you once taught me to own

Tell me you'll be here when your body leaves this world
That your love will follow me no matter where...

I wish I could turn back time
So time could never break this tie
Reliving time over and over
So time could never see us die

Oh I wish that my heart could always beat for yours
But it broke it in parts to see you scared and tired
You made me strong, you did, but now I feel so weak

Tell tell me when you're gone
Where should I look for you
Is it above my head or below my feet
You made me strong of course but not enough to see you weak