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Broken Land / Our Shelter

This song is by Dear Criminals and appears on the EP Strip (2015).

You broke my shield
And kissed my flesh and blood
You shattered all the bones
Engraved my stone heart

You're all I need
Nothing compares to following
A path to parts of you
You found a road and I found you
My beloved hunter
You guided me when I was lost

You're here for now but will you ever stay
At all

I had no town
I had no house but yours
You built it in the dust
You found a rose where I found you
My core is a broken land
No shelter from the cold

You're here for now and you shouldn't leave

If I could take you home
Would you just follow me
And would we take it slow

Would you think twice or know
What's enticing me
And would your doubts just go

And if you say
You care to stay
I'll build you a throne

No need to fear
For you my dear
My princess is gold

And if you say
You're home
I'll build you a throne

No need to fear
And fold
My princess is gold

I never knew how to run but we could walk it slowly
Finding our own pace

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