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Gimme A Little Kiss Will 'Ya' Huh?

This song is by Dean Martin.

Gimme a little kiss, will 'ya', huh?
What are you gonna miss, will ya, huh?
Gosh, oh, gee, why do you refuse?
I can't see what you gotta lose

Oh, gimme a little squeeze, will 'ya', huh?
Why do you wanna make me blue?

I wouldn't say a word if I were asking for the world
But what's a little kiss between a fellow and his girl?
Oh, gimme a little kiss, will 'ya', huh?
And I'll give it right back to you

Will 'ya' huh? Will 'ya' huh?

Once again a plea I'm gonna make
But tell me when do I get a break
'Cause say that you're givin' in, will 'ya' huh?
Anything that you ask I'll do

I'll take you for a little ride where we can be alone
And once you kiss me you'll never think of walkin' home

Oh, gimme a little kiss, will 'ya' huh?
Or I'll steal about ten, yes, steal about ten
Steal about ten from you

Written by:

Level; Love