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The Mourning

This song is by Dean & Brad Band.

hey, this is our death metal song. i wrote it when i was like 11.

i died this morning
mouning a loss
the bees were swarming
around my cross
around my neck
is where it's found
the earth will shake
and stop spinning around

the bees sting hard
around my neck
around my cross
i can't forget
the earth will die
without regret
the bees will cry
no answers yet

don't fuck with me
the world will shake
i sting the bees
i make mistakes
the bees will live
and so will i
i'd like to give
before i die

The earth will die
just wait and see
the bees will cry
believe in me
the bees sting hard
don't fuck with me
no longer proud
no longer free

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