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She Likes Big Words

This song is by Deadsy and appears on the album Commencement (2002).

She comes from the land
Of Valencian winds
Deciduous daydream
Dressage round the bend
Shes sometimes Miss Maybe
The mistress of when
A triptych of new touch
From heaven to men

She likes nice cars
Invincible trends
She bites the heads off
Her mutual friends
We dine at the table
She sits at the end
She likes big words
And playing pretend

Come now dear boys
How where to begin
She's Ursula Major
Of the prism within
She's always in parties
She's plotting to win
Your sashes of New-Ro
From psychic to sin

Let down your void
Your need to defend
So pseudo-mendacious
She's cruel in bed
You'd think she was precious
Something like you said
Cause she's got the secrets
In which fate depends
She likes the boys that meet her late by the glen

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