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Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl

This song is by Deadsy.

Artist : Deadsy
Title : Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl
La la la la la la

Oh itsy bitsy titsy girl,
Where are you?
Oh itsy bitsy titsy,
Said our love was true.
Oh my itsy bitsy titsy,
So young and so unused.

Now itsy bitsy titsy,
Plays a mean hop-scotch.
As she does her little ditty,
I can stare at her crotch.
Oh my itsy bitsy titsy,
Little queen of double dutch.

Now itsy bitsy titsy girl,
Where are you?
Oh itsy bitsy titsy,
With those eyes so blue.
Oh I love how itty bitty,
Little blouse is so see through.

So itsy bitsy titsy,
Now you're off to camp.
But I bet,
Those itty bitty undies still are damp.
I'll be waiting for September,
In the playground outside your class.

Now itsy bitsy titsy,
Quit when I wasn't through.
I found a place to keep her hid,
Where nobody knew.
Now my itsy bitsy titsy,
Lights up all of my afternoons.

Oh itsy bitsy titsy,
As I came she blew.
Still she doesnt hold,
Her candle to her black silk suit.
As she clutches itsy bitsy titsy,
Now we're three from two.

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