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Future Years

This song is by Deadsy and appears on the album Deadsy (1997).

A morbid Beauty
Glows in resonation
Mercurial signs they read
Make real our minds
True fascinations
For now we're rollin'
And kinda Golden
As time keeps foldin
We're old when our poor souls depart
Whereas cold cruel jokes
Now make you cry
One day you'll take them in your stride

All of the time we've resided here
You'll see our chalices rise
With ever endless tears
And illusions they fly
But someday soon will clear
Just sit back and recline
I'll guide you through the years
Through the future years

As they'll soon appear
Someday all too near
Now the distance clears

Bad ways which rule all the where's we go
Through bright and the Gloom
Consecutive days
And plain afternoons
The things in life
They pass the time
While those all around are bored
So we've come down in real demise
Trekked through all of the feelings with no tears in eyes
Kept fear veiled so it hides
Lifes never forced or dry
So there's nothing inside me

I just seem alive
Presents lax as we rear
So if scars they sear

Just tie a silk sheet round your neck
And twist it till your face turns cherry red

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