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Precious Nothing

This song is by Deadstar Assembly and appears on the album Deadstar Assembly (2004).

I know your bad for me
It makes me want you more
I will do anything
Cause I'm your filthy whore.
You keep me down
and i cant face the day
you keep me bound
and cant escape the fray
I'm much more than this
but i dont mean much
I dont matter to you
Cause i'm just a fuck
I should've never beleived those things you said
Everything i felt inside is dead
I thought i meant something
I guess not i'm a precious nothing to you
I keep on losing face
until i'm erased
Welcome to the trends
and spread the pop disease
You cant lose the friends
That spread their legs to please you
I should've never beleived
the things you said
everything i feel inside is dead
Wear The Mask!

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