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A Deep Breath

This song is by Deadstar Assembly and appears on the album Deadstar Assembly (2004).

Never thought we'd end up this way
Never thought everything would change
Its so hard to leave your side or to stay
I never believed in Fate
But I guess thats all we really need
Are we meant to be?
Or are we gonna fade away
Going to fade away
It's fallin apart thats how it feels
This pain in our heart is all too real
But maybe someday there'll be something left
I'll take a deep breath
I remember the vision so clear
Now your down on the ground in tears
The blood on my arms is the same as you crying
I saw you walking to me
Surrounded by the beauty
Now everything that we are is dying
Now it's dying
Can't we live with the difference
Of what we thought our life should be
Can't we live with what we have
And let the love just set us free
From the pain...

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