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This song is by deadmau5.

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So we've been talking about 'cool' and its uh ramifications, and how it applies to the hip scene.
But maybe you could give us some examples now, of the opposite of cool - 'uncool', just exactly what is 'uncool'?

Yeah, why-n't-we have some thoughts on that, uh...
It's uncool to claim you used to roam with Bird or that you have Bird's axe.
And y'know it's even less cool to ask "Who is Bird?"
It-it-it's uncool to nod on the street corner waiting for the light to change.
And uh it uh... It-it's uncool to let anybody know your uncle is a registered pharmacist, uncool for the whole family.
Y'know, it's uncool to buddy with a known fink.
And it's uncool to ask "Where d'you get it?"
It's disastrously uncool to let friends use your pad as a forwarding address for packages from Mexico.
Y'know and it's uncool to ask "Where d'you get it?"
And it is uncool to wear shades after sunset, y'know,
Unless you should be wearing shades after sunset,
Y'know, in which case it is uncool to take them off...

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