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This song is by Deadly Carnage and appears on the album Sentiero II: Ceneri (2011).

Hands wide open

As I look myself, my hair lost the dark
My legs used to deceive my intent
But that night the windows opened with a whisper
And I fell beyond the doors of mine
...I heard them open and release me

I don't know where my feet lead me to
I hope I'll receive the existence's due
What I could hope for
Days or moments
I reached the sunny hills
The ground is brown and wet
And I love her
Touch the ground, it's wet
I reached the sunny hills

Now the hills are far
And I can see my breath become oil
Grey flow and new language
Stay with us and enjoy
Me and them, now and then
A house, I ask my self to go in
By the ones who came before, the reason will be revealed
As it opens, the stench of a tomb

For the spirit of old plains
Destroy the coal of men
Let the grey flow turn to savage love
In my time of dying
Fragments of the ones who came before
In the highest tops
Destroy the coal of men
Le the grey flow return to savage love

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