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​Facing The Path To Eternity

This song is by Deadly Carnage and appears on the album Decadenza (2008).

Our faith to hate shall rise
In the grace of our dark Gods
We commence the ritual
Burning, blood red pentagrams
At dusk the demon will awake
He'll return from his bed of mourning
Served by Chaos of the eleven headed wrath.

The desecration has begun
Ritual of evil power
The sacred men shall suffer
Suffer for a life eternal
Deny the history and her lies
Words lost in insanity
We create the reality
Your excommunication is our blessing
The dagger pierces the stomach
The blood rains on the ground
He falls in front of our eyes
His regret doesn't erase his shame.

The ritual breeds immortality
Now we face the eternity
Forever our souls are purified
Our mind is indissoluble, gnostic warrior pride
Let us take our weapons, the blades are burning
Burning, blood red pentagrams.

We're facing the path to eternity.