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Epitaph Part I

This song is by Deadly Carnage and appears on the album Sentiero II: Ceneri (2011).

Nothing you're saving
Deserves to be saved
Blood and wars
...Your bloody legacy
Nothing you're earning is useful to your young
Your souls has no doors, no entrance and no hope

Crawl to your wall, and start to hope in Lord
"He could be saved, as you blind you world"
For many and many died years ago
Now welcome and unseen,
You can live only in memories

Memories will be my epitaph... Memories!

Their children's children will be ashamed
No matter as they didn't throw the knife
I need to tell the young and the past
That the only real terror's still alive
'Cause I know this is the terror, nothing's able to compare
I'm welcome and unseen, everywhere

What I pretend from you
Is to join me in my crystal palace
Or dig you grave, charge their funeral stone

Dig you grave, charge their plutonium stone

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