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Ran That Scam

This song is by Dead To Me and appears on the album Little Brother (2008).

Somewhere there in between
The dirty sex and the faded jeans
I caught a glimpse of a man that I used to be
He scared the living shit out of me

I must of ran that scam about a million times
Now I'll do it again just to prove to you that I can
So what am I so guilty of?
Didn't I listen or was there something I'm missing?
I think that my problem is I fall apart when...

I start sweet and then get mean
Until I'm bored with everything
I can't stand that you're all so close to me
I am so afraid of what you'll see

I know that I said it, but I never meant it
I already jumped in
I already jumped right in
I gave myself a chance and I bought some time
I wrote a lot of words that say I'm fine
When they offered me a chance to fuck it up all again
I said I believe I could

So what are you guilty of?
I fucking panic when you're here

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