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GHN: Elections & Crisis

This song is by Dead Prez and appears on the album Information Age (2012).

News Reporter Ime Oli:
This is 90C's way informer
Reporting for the Information Age Global Hood News Report

Aye man, all this in the face of the most recent development with the people's champion Mumia Abu-Jamal
Though removed from death row, still being denied his rights
And more police murder of innocent people in the streets
Back to you

Ime Oli:
And now the continent of Africa
World leaders make a breakthrough on the proposed contract for African unity
Citing Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah as political education
The same leaders also criticize the US election, calling it a selection
And all of Africa is keeping a watchful eye
All this as imperialism continues to literally fall to pieces in European economic crisis
As Greece almost secedes from the EU, Spain and Italy are reeling in attempt to stabilize for the ripple effect which they have already begun to feel
Social sentence from Rome to Milan are gearing up and in solidarity with the Senegalese and other African communities throughout Europe
Which are more vulnerable than ever

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