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This song is by Dead Prez and appears on the album Let's Get Free (2000).

Our people are poor,
And you know damn well nobody wants to be poor
This play is gonna show how the pigs react when the people start
To take community, control over what belongs to them
And liberate it back (echoes)

Sometimes I just don't care

Murderation, modern hanging education
Price of your life is goin' up it ain't inflation
Incrimination, they got my picture at the station
Elimination, state to state we eatin by this nation
Them belly full, my trigger finger got pulled
To cut the bull shots'll warm your flesh like wool
These tools for survival make fools out of rivals
Fuck the Bible, get on your knees and praise my rifle
Your life is done there ain't another place to run
Eat your own gun
Scared because my people never known fun

Cops drive down the streets and blow my friends away
I try to smoke enough lah to take my sins away
This E&J be freein us in it's own special way son
We live for the day, the only way done
The violence in me, reflect the violence that surround me
A truth that's riling
Mr. Charley keep his eye on me
To figure my head, but them ass kissin' niggas is dead
We learn the chokeholds with fishermen's thread
I read The Art of Sun-Tzu in a couple of fuckin' days
Used to practice Kung-Fu with this nigga that's like, double my age
And you can put this on the government's grave
Somebody payin' for the way we have to suffer and slave
Assassination, word up

I hope they get the assassins, I hope that something is done to them
Problem is they're killing them, it reminds me of something like what
Happened to Lincoln

You ain't even safe wit a full clip
I swear on the president's grave
I'm sick of livin' in this bullshit
We down to take it to the full length
Meet us up on Capitol Hill, and we can get up in some real shit

Assassination, *gunshot* yeah

Written by:

L Alford; L Dechalus; C Gavin

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