Dead Letter Circus

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Dead Letter Circus (2007)Edit

Dead Letter Circus
  1. The Mile
  2. Lines
  3. Disconnect and Apply
  4. Are We Closer?
  5. This Life Awake
  6. Alien

Next in Line (2008)Edit

Next in Line
Next in Line
  1. Next in Line
  2. Reaction
  3. Tremors

This Is The Warning (2010)Edit

This is th warning
This Is The Warning
  1. Here We Divide
  2. One Step
  3. Big
  4. Space On The Wall
  5. This Long Hour
  6. Cage
  7. Reaction
  8. The Drum
  9. The Design
  10. Next In Line
  11. Walk
  12. This Is The Warning

Other SongsEdit

  1. Are We Closer
  2. Wake Up

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