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The Sugar Sickness

This song is by Dead And Divine and appears on the album The Machines We Are (2009).

The cold only served me keeping you warm;
Roaming your body like a serpent of some form.
Now I ain't got nothing pumping through my veins but gasoline.
Could you ever love a machine?

It's all about driving the demons in me out.
Its hard to be sincere when I'm lodged in the jaws
Of a shark. its constantly reminding me
That I like you better in the dark.
If you're screaming at the drain for days...
...You know its love.

And if god were a villain, he would be me.
I am a martyr without belief in anything -
So what does that make me?
If cowardice ranks amongst royalty then
Crown me king. I am that of desperate, I am
That of cancerous and I'm loving this.

I've been screaming at the drain for days,
My stomach and I are parting ways...
You know its love when you beg for it to stop

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