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De Novo Dahl (2003)Edit

De Novo Dahl - De Novo Dahl
De Novo Dahl
  1. Top of the World
  2. Waiting for My Friends
  3. Mishka
  4. Memphis
  5. Rumors
  6. Monsterproof

Cats & Kittens (2005)Edit

De Novo Dahl - Cats & Kittens
Cats & Kittens
Disc 1: Cats
  1. All Over Town
  2. Jeffrey
  3. Listen Up
  4. I Woke Up Late
  5. The Funk
  6. Push Bottons
  7. Ryan Patrick Huseman Darrow
  8. Piggy's Adventure
  9. Be Your Man
  10. End of Time
  11. Rub You Wrong
  12. Conquest at Midnight
  13. Monday Morning
  14. Cowboy and the Frenchman
  15. Sexy Come Lately
  16. New Belief
Disc 2: Kittens
  1. Magic
  2. Sexy Mr. Falcon Jive Mister
  3. Pop Her Stop Her
  4. I Broke a Plate
  5. Dinosaurs!
  6. Big Ol' Buttons
  7. Wanna Beer Man?
  8. Target Practice
  9. Rhythm Ph.D.
  10. Turtle Italian
  11. Rubber Dubbie
  12. Doddy-Ball Upside Down
  13. Little Conquest on the Prairie
  14. Piggy's Misadventure
  15. José, You Love Me?
  16. Absentee Ballad

Shout (2007)Edit

De Novo Dahl - Shout
  1. Shout (Popple Mix)
  2. Sexy Come Lately
  3. Dance Like David
  4. Crap Your Pants Say Shout
  5. Sexy Mr. Falcon Jive Mister
  6. Dance Like David Bason

Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound (2007)Edit

De Novo Dahl - Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound
Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound
  1. Shout
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Means to an End
  4. Make Some Sense
  5. Be Your Man
  6. Shakedown
  7. Marketplace
  8. The Sky Is Falling
  9. New Hero
  10. Wishful Thinking
  11. Subject of the Kill
  12. Been Kept Up
  13. Not to Escape

Tigerlion (2010)Edit

De Novo Dahl - Tigerlion
  1. Two Thirds
  2. 1918
  3. For Richard Harper
  4. Don't Kill Yourself
  5. East of Eden
  6. City Driver
  7. Love Is the Healer
  8. Once When I Was Young
  9. Dusty Drifter
  10. Wayside

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