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Skit 1

This song is by De La Soul and appears on the album De La Soul Is Dead (1991).

Hello boys and girls. Welcome to your De La Soul readalong
When you hear this sound... * ...that means turn the page.
And now we begin our exciting adventure of... De La Soul is


- Oh my God, Vanilla Ice...
- He's so fly!
- The boy is so good.
- Did you see his body?
- He could dance too.
- He could.
- He's better than any rapper I ever seen!
- And plus his dancers!
- He's so jammin'!


JEFF: Yo, what's up?

HONEYS: Yo, Jeff, where you been, man?

JEFF: Guess what I just found, I just found a De La Soul tape in the garbage.

HONEYS: For real? Let's hear it!


HONEYS: Aww, be like that!


MISTA LAWNGE: What's up, cocksnot? How ya doing, buddy?

HONEYS: Cocksnot? You gonna let him call you that? Sucker!

JEFF: Leave me alone!

LAWNGE: What do we have here?

JEFF: Nothing!

LAWNGE: Listen, you little Arsenio Hall gum having punk!

HONEYS: Oooh! You let him call you Arsenio! Oooh!

LAWNGE: I want the tape!

JEFF: It's mine!

HONEYS: Oh, he played you! Jeff's getting played! Jeff! Jeff! Bodyslam him, Jeff!


LAWNGE: Now! I've got the new De La Soul tape! Hey dicksnot, buttcrust, get over here!

D.J. AUB: What's up baby?

MASE: Coolin'!

LAWNGE: I just got this De La Soul tape, man, slamming. Where's the box? The box!

MASE: So, yo, let's get with the shilsnihilsnobilsno!

AUB: I got the bidox, let's do this like Brutus! ...28. For 3 Feet High and Rising, this is Don Newkirk.

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