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This song is by DeJ Loaf and appears on the mixtape All Jokes Aside (2016).

Stop making me promises that you ain't gon' keep
I tried to tell you once before, don't mean shit to me
If you don't know me by now I don't know when we gon' meet
Got a meeting at 3, studio is at 6
You know exactly where I'm gon' be
I'm busy, I'm busy, can't answer my phone, everybody keep calling me
Last week you was hectic, this week I ain't stressin'
I know I'm on a winning streak
Don't eat at Katana's, don't eat Benihana's, I take me a salad and wings
You gotta value your team
Play by the rules, keep shit soled up
If I put you in charge lil nigga, you better not fold up, nigga
I say hold up, what's the hold up, this shit bigger than ever
You remind me of a old pup
And I been gettin' money, why you bringing up old stuff?
Keep it real, niggas owe us
They can keep it, 'cause we don't need it
One in a million, you can ask Alliyah
Got it honest, no luck or cheating
I don't trust these niggas, can't even trust the seasons
When it's snowing in June, shit fuck you meaning?
No time for blogs, that shit silly
But you believe it, I'm like oh really?
Stay woken, stop dreaming
Bitches greedy, do not feed 'em
Gold diggers, dirty demons
Yeah they want your gold
Bitches ain't got goals, no no
I'm tryna school you, baby listen
Power of pussy fuck politicians
And the side bitches making side decisions
That's why you ain't been getting attention
You don't want your ring back huh?
See a man gon' think with his ding dong
What you fighting for? Gotta ask yourself baby girl
See I'ma tell you what they ain't baby girl
Gotta find yourself and create your world
Baby girl, baby girl, yeah
Stop fucking with niggas who don't have a conscience
How you end up pregnant, still live with your mama?
Hmm? I'ma get off that shit
Fuck your opinion, I know I'm great
Gotta drop this album, shit I know they can't wait
Got other folks' lives in my hands now
No handout, 'less he has pen out
Depending on 20 years, let's see the residuals
You're an ill individual, I know you gon' give it to 'em
I be in here off the top, but they say I ain't lyrical
Don't give a fuck 'cause shit where I'm from it's a miracle
Yeah I started off with Try Me but I'm older and spiritual
Get to knowing yourself, that's some shit that put fear in you
Put faith in you
Make you love niggas, but make you hate niggas
I got faith in you
Always thought you could do it
My mama, my brother
Well not my brother, my sister
When we ain't have shit they couldn't do shit with us
Walking 'round like who want to do what with us
What's my preference, my preference is people
Stop asking me questions 'fore I take y'all bitches
I'm single and the boss is my favorite position
Huh, I ain't what the game been missing
Put me in coach, they can't deny this pimping
I ain't overselling myself, just buy my ticket
I'ma put on a show, I'ma handle my business
They all know the words, shit 'cause I inspire the children
I bring out the life in the children
I'm from the slums like them, why would I be tripping?
Hmm? Why would I be tripping?
So you can put my music on when the lights are dim
When the fridge is low, when you're out with him
I'ma make all kind of shit that be exciting them
Add for quotes from my songs when you're writing him
Yeah, tell him I said hey
Keep your head up baby
Tell him I said hey
Keep your head up baby
Time ain't gon' last forever

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