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Teenage Suicide

This song is by DeGarmo and Key and appears on the album D&K (1987).

I don't want to hurt nobody
It's just that I know I've had enough
There's too much pain and hatred
I think I'd rather be dead
Than to live without mercy, hope or love

So don't come any closer, I really mean it
Yes, I know that you think I've lost my mind
My gun's here and I'll use it
And this time I'm gonna really lose it
Listed as a teenage suicide, whoa...

I can see you out there all around me
But it's too late to talk it out this time
I don't want to shoot you
I'll do what I have to do
Listed as a teenage suicide

I don't think I can take it
I give you my heart to break it
Listed as a teenage suicide, oh...

It could've been me
Out there in the moonlight screaming
It could've been me
In a search for everlasting meaning
I found all the pieces
Deep within the arms of Jesus
It could've been me
Out there in the night, oh
Till Jesus changed my life
Ooh, changed my life


Written by:

Edward Allen De Garmo; Dana James Key

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