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Six, Six, Six

This song is by DeGarmo and Key and appears on the album Communication (1984).

I was feeling kind of restless
So I went out for a walk
And I ran into a stranger
And for hours we just talked
Said I'm waiting for this moment all my life
This is it

And when I asked him to explain it
He just smiled and he told me, six, six, six

He said that things will get much better
That tonight is New Age Eve
I can even change the weather
I can do things you won't believe
I got signs and wonders in my bag of tricks
Hmm, tricks!

When I asked him to explain
He just smiled and he told me, six, six, six
Six, six, six

I said, "Jesus won't you save me
From this evil man of sin
I have read about his future
I don't want to go with him"
And when I looked he had gone
But he had left a note that said
My number is, my number is, my number is


Said my number, my number, my number is six, six, six

When morning came I laughed
At what I thought was just a dream
And I went to call my neighbor
And tell him all I'd seen
But when I reached for my address book, I felt sick
Ooh, sick

'Cause, written across the page
Every number there was six, six, six
Ooh, six, six, six

Flight 666, departing, welcome

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