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​All Night

This song is by DeGarmo and Key and appears on the album This Ain't Hollywood (1980).

She wakes up in the early mornin'
Wipes the sleep from her eyes
It comes on without warnin'
She cries and cries
Ah, she cried all night
Ah, she cried all night

She looks up at the ceilin'
Ah, she thinks back at all he said
He said that all the feelings
For her were dead
Ah, that's all he said
That's all the man said

All night
All night
She cried all night long

Daddy said he was a loser
Ah, but how could she know
That he would lie and use her
She loved him so
Ah, she loved him so
She loved the man so

She stares out of the window
She stares at the telephone
She says a prayer, she whispers
God, let him home
I'm all alone
I'm all alone

All Night
All night
She cried all night long

She thinks back at all the good times
She wonders what went wrong
Ah, she cries, she cries
She cries all night
All night long
All night long