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What You Deserve

This song is by De/Vision and appears on the album Noob (2007).

Let me suffer in silence
Take me to where the mind ends
Make me feel like a child
Make me feel like a giant-killer
Make me believe

I come for you in the first light of the morning
For you I turn wine into champagne
For you I part the sea and walk on water
You deserve first class every day

Baby gimme me hard ride
These wounds are only slight
All we do we let things slide
Disappear into the night
Make me believe in all the things that I cannot see

For you I wear my Sunday best on Tuesday
For you I cannot set my sights too high
I ache for you now and forever
For you I grow wings and learn to fly

For you I fight the light and serve the darkness
For you I'm a mockery of man
For you I bring the flood, a new world order
All your wiles were not in vain

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