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I Regret

This song is by De/Vision and appears on the album Fairyland? (1996) and on the live album Devolution Tour (2003).

Sometimes I'm simple minded
Then I can't read your look
All my thoughts are binded
I'm like an opened book
In which you read the story
Of a bleeding soul I am so sorry
Each time I lose control

I should suppress my rage
I need you beside me
Don't you leave the stage
I need you to guide me
I know you'll be my saviour
If I repeat my fault
You put me on my best behaviour
You hear my call

Please hold out
I regret
All the nasty words I said
I can feel you getting colder
Please don't doubt
That I regret
All the days I left you sad
Can't you see me getting older

I know I hurt your feelings
But you had the strength
To start my healing
You went all lengths
The days of crying
Have reached the end
' Cause now I'm trying
To understand

Please hold out...

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