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The Quiet Disconnect

This song is by Dayseeker and appears on the album What It Means to Be Defeated (2013).

Unfamiliar stone of gray marked beginning and end of day
Reality sinks like an anchor in water

My body can't stop shaking, convulsing
This is tragic and sickening
This is The Quiet Disconnect
No father should ever have to bury his son
Every breath exhaled leads me closer
But I'm starting to panic
Because I am finding it hard to grasp
And comprehend that no ink could spill from this pen
And meet the words to send
To tell you I can't exist if you're non-existent

Find your home in the sky to rest your soul
Even if your voice won't move past your lips
I know we'll speak again
And though I know you've died
I swear to God to try to keep your memory alive

We all flirt with death but feel like were invincible
Until one moment defines that we could be the next

Is there a point in drifting through life
When everything I love will pass, decay and die?

My face is the pale-white of your skin
My lungs have no breath to be held from within
I just want to know you're safe and sound
Not just a body beneath the ground
Oh God, I fear certain death and the end of day
But what I fear the most is who you're going to take away

If there has to be a beginning
Then I want you to show me the end

Fire spreads but I won't let it burn this bridge
To give them life when my friends are dead

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