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Raspberry Perfume

This song is by Days Away.

So I'm going to say the things I half dreamed of.
After all this might be the last chance
I have to explain to you, that there's more.
Give me the time to tell you that you're beautiful
And everyday I wish I could still taste that Raspberry Perfume.
You left on that note you wrote before we lost our grip.

'Cause I'm so sick of playing she loves me, she loves not.
With this lovely rose, because I know
You can't even remember this sounds of my voice.

But there's always hope.
And there's always chance.
Maybe someday I'll get that feeling back.

Guess it's time to get off the rocks,
And maybe put the pictures down.
But I can't stop now,
This is all I've got.

We can step aside, watch the cars go by.
Only counting the white ones.
Or take a ride to the resevior.
We could start from there.
'Cause I've got a lot to say.

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