Day One Symphony:Aquamarine Lyrics

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This song is by Day One Symphony and appears on the album AVICIOUSCIRCLE (2005).

it's not where we are
it's where i am

i'm lost at sea
of bitter and confusion
it's not lost on me
though i wonder

deep within
the scared ??
the confusion

it's no wonder
there's inigination (?)
there's no color

it came to be
tell me why i'm
falling from a star

it used to be in my mind
of fantasy, contempt the sky
and leave vapor trails,
floating in wonder

how it came to be
tell my why i'm
falling from a star
into the sea, face down
and floating like i used to
now i can ??
and dream of a new innocence
and wonder to paint the ocean ??
in the calm i'll find you
we'll catch the first
of confusion for good
?? the sky is deeper than the whole ??
to get where you and i are ??

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