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Silly Love

This song is by Day26 and appears on the album Day26 (2008).

Got me... in a daze... got me blown away
Crazy love... foolish love... silly love

Have you ever been in love, oh, really in love
Even when it hurts, you still want it to work
Talking bout that silly love
Got a player thinking of things I never thought of
Making you my wife, start a new life
Just the two of us

Got me (whoa yeah).. in a daze (in a daze)..
Blown away (blown away)
Crazy love (so crazy baby)..
Foolish love (foolish love).. silly love (eh)

Now that I've found love, someone that I can trust
I'm doing things I wouldn't've
Ordinarily dreamed of
Like paying for the bills, really expensive meals
Never imagined that this
Would be part of the deal
You got me

Got me (got me).. in a daze (in a daze).. blown away (blown away)
Crazy love (crazy love).. foolish love... silly love

Girl, I can't believe I'm acting this way
Can't afford to give my heart away
To someone that so doesn't understand my way
Let's stay together even if it gets a little bit busy baby
Sometimes... Sometimes...

Got me... in a daze... blown away
Crazy love (it's so crazy)..
Foolish love... silly love

Feels like I'm losing my mind
And it feels so good

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