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You Mean So Much To Me

This song is by Davina.

When I Was Down And Out-
U Talked To Me And Made Me See My Way.
U Gave Me Love When All My Friends
Just Laughed And Walked Away.
Oh Well It Dont Take Much To Make Me See
I Love U So Bad- U Mean So Much To Me.

I Know U Never Brag-
And Talk About What U Have Done To Me.
Youve Made My Life A Smile
And U Left No Stone Unturned.
Oh Well I Love U And I Know U Love Me-
I Cant Stand To Lose U- U Mean So Much To Me.

I Can Look Forward To My Future-
And Think Of Such A Beautiful Past.
Knowing How Much I Love U-
And Knowing It Will Always Last.
Oh Well I Love U And Ill Make U See-
Finally For U- U Mean So Much To Me..

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