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This song is by David Yazbek.

Y'know, boys, I cleared over five million dollars last year
But I gotta tell you something
Your fifty thousand was the most fun I ever had

It was a ball, it was a blast
'Cause I was hanging with the boys and that's a plus
You've got the class, you've got the cheek
You've got the brains, let's get that Greek

I guess we're dirty rotten crooks
Dirty rotten schnooks
Dirty rotten guys

It was a trip, it was a ball
It was a kick, I loved it all
And it was almost too prodigious to discuss

And though two aces beat you blind
They'll never beat three of a kind
Filthy, shameless, lyin', cheatin'
Dirty rotten guys like us


Written by:

David Yazbek

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