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Vow Of Silence

This song is by David Wilcox and appears on the album Open Hand (2009).

I'll keep my vow of silence now forever
It's the only way
If you can't hear my heart when we're together
There's nothing I could say

The trees explain the wind out in the distance
The message is so clear
I have to send my words through your resistance
So silent you can hear

I walked upon this earth and spoke in beauty
To people all around
I waved away the words that poured right through me
And never made a sound

For if I spoke as loud as rolling thunder
Another war could start
So I speak in silent sacred wonder
Straight into the heart

I'm moving in the waves that roll the ocean
Meet me at the shore
The flowers on my grave can't stop the motion
I'm closer than before

If the light has chased off all your daemons
There's nothing you must do
There's no need to explain what you believe in
They'll feel my love in you

I'm giving you the right
Let love adore you
Across the years and miles


Written by:

David Patrick Wilcox

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