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Nightshift Watchman

This song is by David Wilcox and appears on the album Nightshift Watchman (1987).

I'm the Nightshift Watchman for the planet
Five days a week I watch the tube
Five nights a week I'm waching radar
Easy Job with nothing much to do

Waiting in my air conditioned office
Down a thousand feet below the sand
Looking at the lines upon my finger
Thinking of the power in my hand


If I do my job my job is over
If I start my day my days are through
If I set to work my work is over
Soon as I begin we'll all be through

I'm the nightshift watchman
I'm the nightshift watchman

Watching for some movement in the heavens
Waiting for some action down below
When it comes I'll follow my directions
When it comes its time for us to go


Well I've a hand that looks alot like your hand
and I've a heart that feels the same as you
and I've a house and family on the surface
Someone's got to do this job I do.

I'm the Nightshift Watchman
I'm the Nightshift Watchman
I'm the Nightshift Watchman
I'm the Nightshift Watchman

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