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Mighty Ocean

This song is by David Wilcox and appears on the album Home Again (1991).

From Home Again

Would you like meet in Soho?
This is David
I don't know
Just talk of how New York has been
Yes its easy to imagine
I've healed a lot since then
I think that we could walk away as friends

It's a clear reception
It's a long connection
And it's all the way across this might ocean

I could be there by your night
Which is my morning
Right now I'm still at Heathrow at the gate
Yes of coarse I bragging
But didn't it sound great
To fly across the ocean for a dinner date

Sure I've been in town before
But never quite so quickly
And never from a place so far away
But if this color carbon ticket
Says that I can fly the ocean
Well maybe I can think of what to say

Its flight 715
Nine thirty
But I won't be through with customs
Until ten
I'll be flying over ocean until then

Chorus (repeat)


© David Wilcox, all rights reserved

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