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Little Piece At A Time

This song is by David Wilcox.

Now when the market gets tougher and the strategy's altered
The devil in the blue suit, he started to falter
So to make it less frightening, the deals get small
You don't have to go down to the crossroads after all

You see the devil was reading The Wall Street Journal
He shucked a whole cob and he sucked a kernel
I mean, you buy small shares, that's the new plan
It made it easy to sell and made it harder to understand

He was fascinated with the buyout schemes
In the business section of the magazines
'Cause nobody was selling outright these days
But the paper was telling of subtler ways

You buy some here, you buy some there
You buy just enough for a controlling share
If he holds a few of those tiny things
Than he's got you by the puppet strings


And if you only read the big print
If you only read the big print
Only read the big print, the deal looks like it pays
But souls are bought just a little bitty piece at a time these days


Written by:

David Patrick Wilcox

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