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This song is by David Wilcox and appears on the album Turning Point (1997) and on the album Live Songs & Stories (2002).

I love your sense of humor.
I love to see you smile.
I love your sense of balance.
I love your sense of time.
I love your music in the morning,
Your rhythm in the night.
But it's your kindness that shines so bright.

I love your beauty.
I love your sexy moves.
More I love your honesty.
You always tell the truth.
I love your vision of the future,
Your hope that never dies.
But it's your kindness that clears my skies.

I love your wisdom,
Your knowledge of the past,
Your willingness to listen,
Your taste for what will last.
I love your compassion for the suffering,
And your solid happiness.
But it's your kindness I love best.
I love, I love, I love....

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