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It's What You Do With What You've Got

This song is by David Wilcox.

You must know someone like him
He's strong and tall and lean
His body like a greyhound
And his mind so sharp and keen
But his heart just like a laurel
Grew twisted on itself
'Til almost everything he did
Brought pain to someone else


Lyrics by Si Kahn
'Cause it's not just what you're born with
It's what you choose to bear
It's not how much your share is
But it's how much you can share
And it's not the fights you've dreamed of
But those you really fought
It's not just what you're given
It's what you do with what you've got

Now between those who use their neighbor
And those who use a cane
Between those in constant power
And those in constant pain
Between those who run to evil
And those who cannot run
Tell me which ones are the cripples
And which ones touch the sun

For what's the use of two strong legs
If you only run away
And what good is the finest voice
With nothing good to say
And what good is strength and muscle
If you only push and shove
What's the use in two good ears
If you can't hear those you love

What you do with what you've got

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