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This song is by David Wilcox and appears on the live album East Asheville Hardware (1996).

I'm dangerously romantic
When the leaves are coming down
When the air was clear this morning
And the frost still on the ground
When I wore those cozy woolen gloves
To bicycle into town
Well of course I'd want to fall in love
And finally settle down

But I'm dangerous
Be careful with me
'Cause I could fall for you
Much too easily
I'm usually cool, I like to be free
But I'm dangerous right now
Be careful with me

I'm hopelessly sentimental
When the winter comes a storm
When the snow is on the mailbox
And the sidewalks all are gone
But the fire in the woodstove
Can keep me so nice and warm
That of course I'd want to live with you
And share this simple home


It must just be the season
When the spring is in the air
And I'm acting like a child again
And frankly I don't care
But I found these purple flowers
To weave into your hair
And of course I'd want to marry you
And travel off somewhere

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