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Mood Song

This song is by David Usher and appears on the album Little Songs (1998).

I'm so dead and angry
I'm justified to feel this way
I'm broken in pieces
The only game I would not play

And you might be angry
And you might have the last laugh said
And you might be waiting
That's your choice so take it all the way
I don't want you anymore
Your way
I don't want you anymore

I'm broken in pieces
And you might never know the way
The kitchen is easy
And I won't be the first to say

And I might be over
And I might be the last to waken
Weakened and broken
But I don't care for it if you said
Moment's easier
Moment's easier
Moment's easier to find

And you might be angry
And you might be the last to take me
You might be over
But don't tell me that I can't be defined

Written by:

David Usher

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