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Wasting Your Life Away

This song is by David Sneddon.

It's another Monday
Feeling like a Sunday
You're, trying t'get your shoes tied up
You miss another weekend
Did you make a new friend
You're, trying t'make the headache stop
But the pain won't go away
So you let it stay
And it all starts again'

Monday is the worst day
Thinking 'bout a bad lay
How long will the day last
Got to get to Tuesday
Wednesday is a long one
Better get a drink in
Time it to the weekend
Let's make it a strong one
Every day's a good day
By the time it's Thursday
You and me on Friday
Saturday comes again
And you're wasting your life away

Make yourself a promise
That you'll wake up from this
You'll, never buy a drink again
Time you were a grown-up
Think you better own up
You've, gotta get on track again
And your half way through the day
You think you've found your way
And it starts again'


And it's all the time
You're wasting life with music and wine
And now you say you will be fine
You just need time


Wasting your life away (x2)
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Wasting your life away (x2)

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