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The Bluebird

This song is by David Sneddon and appears on the album Seven Years - Ten Weeks (2003).

Listen to your heart and not your head
I know that this is what the wise man said-
Maybe he was wrong
And all this talk of yet another war
Contradicts just what the heart is for-
What is it for?

Everybody lies, everybody cries in the end

But I'm like the Bluebird in the sky
Can't drag me down cos I'm so high
And you know it's easy, if you try
You can let the Bluebird fly so high

Tell me why you're waiting by the phone
It only rings when no-one's home-
So go outside
There is no reason to delay
Grab your hat go out do it today-
Go out and play

Listen to me now cuz if you can't believe your friends
Then everybody lies, everybody cries in the end



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