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I Love You

This song is by David Sneddon and appears on the album Seven Years - Ten Weeks (2003).

You're like a little piece of heaven
You're lighting up an empty room
You're just a little bit of paper
But I, I, I love you

You're a smile that never fades
Even though mine sometimes do
And I know this is quite silly
But I, I, I love you

And here is something strange
I know you'll never change
You'll keep me safe from losing you
And I, I, I love you, you

I like to talk to you whenever
Don't need a reason, I don't feel blue
You're just keeping me together
And I, I, I love you

I know the real you will be smiling
But look at the sentimental fool
Holding a photograph like a diamond
But you know I love you

And I'm losing time
I'm running out of rhyme
So I hope this song will do
To tell you I love you.

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