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This song is by David Sneddon.


Looking outside my window frame
The world looks cold today
And I'm thinking 'bout the things I think of you
That I never got the chance to say
Take care of yourself my dear
Your plane's got special cargo on board
Keep yourself in good health my dear
You will always be adored

So fly safe
Fly free
You can be whatever you want to be
And I'm safe, you'll see
And I'm thinking 'bout the day that you come flying, flying back to me

So I'm looking closely at you finger nails
Thinking 'bout times gone by
And I'm holding you close and I'm smelling your hair
Feels so beautiful I crying
Take care of yourself my dear
There's a long way to go
Keep yourself in good health my dear
You return you will know


And I know that you're far away
And I know that some fine day
You'll be the one for me
Until that day fly free


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