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Best Of Order

This song is by David Sneddon and appears on the album Seven Years - Ten Weeks (2003).

Once upon a time not so long ago
This boy he took to the stage
He wandered around like a travelling show
But one thing filled him with rage
While singing his sing with all his heart
People would walk to the bar
The lights would go down, the music would start
He couldn't get very far, until one night...

Kick on the beat and bring on the bass
Everyone turn and look at my face
Cuz all I want, is the best of order baby
My light goes on and your light goes down
Wouldn't you like to rock this town
Cuz all I want, is the best of order baby

Now standing all alone looking through the smoke
This kid he started to grin
He's trynna compete with bingo and jokes
There's no use trynna win until one night.......


You'll never even know what you're missing
Why don't you pay attention and listen
Someone is trying to blow your mind away
Why don't you turn around and I'm hoping
Two people in the front row stop groping
Someone is trying to blow your mind away!

(CHORUS x 3)