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Baby Get Higher

This song is by David Sneddon.

You gotta flow, like a river
Heading the same way forever
I love you love you love you and I'm trying
To figure out how
To make it better

If you don't hide away inside
You'll find your wings will open
So open your mind
Then will you fly

Baby get higher
You know that's all I'm asking for
Baby get higher
I don't think I can take no more
You're bringing me down
You're stuck on the ground
How do I turn this thing around?
Baby get higher

You're stuck in a groove like a record
Don't even know what you're lookin' for
You never never never see I'm tryin'
I want you to feel so much more

Let it all out you scream and shout
Tear down the walls around you
So free your mind and you will fly

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