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Tricks Up My Sleeve

This song is by David Ryan Harris and appears on the album David Ryan Harris (1997).

Thought I'd make the cloudy sunny
But it seems my lover hates sunlight.
Went to see her in the morning
But it seems she's only home at night.
Bought a wagon full of roses
And my lover says she hates the smell.
Most folks say that I should give up
But I think it's too early to tell.

So I try to second guess her
Hoping she'll profess her undying love and loyalty.
Continue to pursue her
Hoping to renew her sense in faith in guys like me
That woman is bound to see me
One day she'll believe me
You'd think I was Houdini
With these tricks up my sleeve (2X)

So I brought her doves from Eden
And she says the feathers makes her sneeze
Suffice to say I'll never give up
Even though this woman's hard to please
By now I could be an artist
I spend so much time at the drawing board
Most folks say I should give up
But I kind of dig being ignored

Notice how I focus all my hocus pocus and my energy on
Making her mine

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