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I'm A Better Anarchist Than You

This song is by David Rovics and appears on the album The Commons (2008).

I don't drive a car
'Cause they run on gas
But if I did
It'd run on biomass
I ride a bike
Or sometimes a skateboard
So fuck off all you drivers
And your yuppie hordes
Sitting all day
In the traffic queues
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't eat meat
Ii just live on moldy chives
Or the donuts that I found
In last week's dumpster dives
Look at you people in that restaurant
I think you are so sad
When you coulda been eating bagels
Like the ones that I just had
I think it is a shame
All the bourgeois things you do
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't wear leather
And I like my clothes in black
And I made a really cool hammock
From a moldy coffee sack
I like to hop on freight trains
I think that is so cool
It's so much funner doing this
Than being stuck in school
I can't believe you're wearing
Those brand new shiny shoes
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't have sex
And there will be no sequel
Because heterosexual relationships
Are inherently unequal
I'll just keep moshing
To Anti-Flag and Crass
Until there are no differences
In gender, race or class
All you brainwashed breeders
You just haven't got a clue
I'm a better anarchist than you

I am not a pacifist
I like throwing bricks
And when the cops have caught me
And I've taken a few licks
I always feel lucky
If I get a bloody nose
Because I feel so militant
And everybody knows
By the time
The riot is all through
I'm a better anarchist than you

I don't believe in leaders
I think consensus is the key
I don't believe in stupid notions
Like representative democracy
Whether or not it works
I know it is the case
That only direct action
Can save the human race
So when I see you in your voting booths
Then I know it's true
I'm a better anarchist than you

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